Crafting Future-Ready Products

Testing is an integral & inseparable part of the product development life cycle (PDLC). A faulty product released in the market is like a death knell to the company’s reputation. Testing helps locate and address defects early on in the PDLC; ensures the product is reliable and easy to use; and saves on the costs that would be incurred on fixing the product after delivery. With shrinking delivery cycles, we are also witnessing a trend of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning being introduced in the testing realm to speed up the time to market.

XSAV Technology offers end-to-end software product testing solutions using advanced testing techniques and tools, driven by a passion for quality engineering, beta testing, and behavior-driven testing to deliver top-notch products and services. Our testing solutions permeate through all the phases of PDLC and it just doesn’t stop there; we also help our customers with end customer focused beta testing for quality delivery of the product and exceptional customer experience.


The testing process can become exhausting & time-intensive if not mapped and planned correctly. XSAV Technology understands testing requirements by gathering details from the customer and maps the type of tests to perform against the product development cycle and after detailed analysis, devises a test plan with the estimated cost and time.


XSAV Technology uses leading-edge methods and techniques for mapping test cases to requirements. The test plan mapped is then used to create test cases and reports. XSAV Technology experts help in test case development and verification testing following modern agile methods.


Depending on the gathered requirements and test cases, a test plan is executed for each level of the PDLC. XSAV Technology helps customers with manual as well as automation testing and assists with integration and non-functional testing. Post the test execution, a detailed defect report is generated and shared with the customer, which is then further shared with the development team post approval.


Product companies are exponentially adopting CD testing over traditional workflow testing considering the release quality provided by it. XSAV Technology helps customers with continuous integration and continuous delivery for increased efficiency in the PDLC, delivering a great quality product and delightful customer experience.


Development Of Microservices Application For Stress Testing Of Security Platform

We provide product enhancement, maintenance, and support with end-to-end product life cycle services that include:

Deployment And Test Automation Of Azure Components

XSAV Technology was engaged with the client to develop scripts to automate the deployment of various components on Azure Cloud. Also automated the complete test suite.

QA & Automation Of Data Analytics Product

XSAV Technology engaged with the customer for feature Testing and DevOps (CI-CD) setup of their product. The product is for Advanced Data Processing, Management, and Analytics.



Product Development the Behavior Driven Way

Business leaders are in a tough spot to roll out products in a timely fashion with high quality or risk losing market share. Technology ever changing has simultaneously enforced a change in product development methods.

Webinar on ServiceMesh Architecture

The webinar presentation focused on the background of service mesh, its working, security aspects, functionalities, business cases, and a demo. Request webinar recording here.

Distributed Application Architecture for Edge-Based Service Delivery

Microservices: Software Architecture for Faster Time to Market and Advanced Delivery of Services

To highlight the potential of microservices to disrupt the competitive growth of every businesses and help understand the key technical specification, we have constructed this ebook. In this ebook we will cover: Microservices Basics, Features, Characteristics, Architecture Business Benefits, Best Practices, Frameworks for building Microservices, Case Studies, Alignment with DevOps and Containers

Why Containerize Traditional Application

This document features the evolution, trends, benefits, and drawbacks of using Container technology and explains why we need to modernize traditional applications with the help of this technology.


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